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The Freshest Tasting Apple Juice,
Apple Sauce and Apple Cider Vinegar

Since 1979, customers have told us our products taste great. They call and gush. They write fan letters. Customers trust us to grow, harvest and process in strict accordance with State/Federal organic regulations.

We are dedicated to providing the very best organic apple juice, apple sauce, and apple cider vinegar products, while maintaining the integrity of our planet’s environment and promoting sustainable agriculture. Our products are produced in small batches, within hours of picking, to insure purity and freshest taste. We strive to respond to the needs of our customers as well as the needs of the environment, today, and for the generations who will follow us.

Located in the fertile valleys of Sonoma County, California, our properties are named Appleseed Orchards, in honor of Johnny Appleseed. We grow and harvest our own organic apples, and we are dedicated to the principles of sustainable agriculture and organic farming.

Solana Gold
Organic Apple Juice

Taste As Good As Gold!

Solana Gold Organics Apple Juice is squeezed from freshly harvested, whole, double-washed, ripe organic apples. Unsweetened, our apple juice is a real taste treat!

Sonoma County is famous for having the perfect growing climate for both grapes and apples. Our growing season runs April through November, allowing for a nice, long time for the growing and ripening of our apples. The season includes warm days and cool nights, with very little rainfall. Our climate combined with acidic soil results in a flavor intensity and aromatic oil essence that dramatically increases the quality of the apples. We have one of the few locations on earth that hosts such superior growing conditions.


Gravenstein Apple Juice

Created from Sebastopol’s own Gravenstein apples, this unfiltered organic pasteurized apple juice is a favorite of many of our customers. Squeezed from fresh, whole, ripe organic gravensteins. Especially delightful for those of you who prefer a less ‘sweet’ apple juice, this terrific tasting juice has a natural tart edge to it.

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Autumn Harvest Apple Juice

Created from Sebastopol’s own Red and Golden Delicious apples, flavors dance together to make this uniquely luscious juice. The heart-shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes striped with gold. Delicious apples are crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor. Yum!

Solana Gold
Organic Apple Sauce

How it’s made:

Our applesauce is fat free, made from freshly harvested, triple washed, ripe organic apples.

Producing applesauce at our USDA inspected plant, skins are mechanically peeled off with stainless steel cutters. This means that you only taste apples. (Many processors use a lye-bath dip to remove skins, which can leave remnants of lye taste in the applesauce.) The apples are closely inspected for defects and washed before and after peeling to insure purity before being cooked. Then steam cooking is done very quickly to maximize the tastiness and nutritional value of our sauce, and sealed in glass jars.

Enjoy some today!

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What makes the Gravenstein such a star?

Horticulturists say its triple chromosome has the strongest will to survive of any apple. Our Gravenstein trees, many 100 years old with 30 foot canopies, thrive in Sonoma County’s hot dry climate. We purposely don’t irrigate, because forcing the trees to seek moisture builds character, crunch and intensifies the aroma and flavor of the apples.Our giant Sebastopol Gravenstein trees have rewarded generations with world-renowned flavor since the 1880 plantings. These original trees, still healthy and in active production, tower with impressive gracefulness on our Appleseed Orchards hillsides. Many trunk circumferences are over 7 feet–a living tribute to the ambitious tasks performed by our hearty pioneer ancestors. Our century-old trees were planted at a time when horses provided the power and surviving off the land was an adventure; when flavor and character were important.

Following the inspiration of Sonoma County’s determined orchard growers of 100 years ago, Solana Gold Organics and Appleseed Orchards continue to produce old-fashioned apple varieties and top quality products that we know your family will love!

Solana Gold Organic
Apple Cider Vinegar

Solana Gold Apple Cider Vinegar
Contains the Veil of the Mother

  • Raw – Unfiltered
  • Organic with the Veil of the Mother
  • Aged for 3-years
  • Exceptionally smooth
  • Contains no preservatives
  • From 100% organic apples

The natural occurrence of amino acids and enzymes creates strand-like chains of connected protein molecules which are referred to as The Veil of the Mother.Solana Gold’s Apple Cider Vinegar maintains The Veil and combines the natural goodness of apples with the amino acids and enzymes which are naturally created in the fermentation process.

Pasteurization removes delicate nutrients and enzymes that may constitute a major portion of the nutritional value of a particular food. Solana Gold’s raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, unlike juices or ciders, contains no sugars which would be a growth medium for potentially harmful bacteria such as E-COLI. In addition to this, the high acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar assures that none of these bacteria could exist or propagate.

Cuisine Benefits

  • Keeps cheese from molding
  • Makes chocolate cakes fluffie
  • Perks up soups
  • Tenderizes meats
  • Revives wilted vegetables
  • Like salt, brings out robust flavors
  • Indispensable ingredient in salad dressings

Health Benefits

  • Rich in miracle enzymes & potassium
  • Helps promote a youthful body
  • Natural antibiotic & germ fighter
  • Soothes sunburn, shingles & bites
  • Helps eliminate itching scalp
  • Soothes tight, aching muscles & joints
  • Great for sore throats

Vinegar Bracer Recipe

START the day with a wake-up vinegar bracer!

1-2 tsp. of Solana Gold Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp. of Honey
8oz. water (Never hot. Heat de-activates enzymes)


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Private Label

Why Organic Private Label?

Are you considering adding Organic Private Label Brands to your retail grocery offerings? You should. Store brands have become trusted, quality products, succeeding in differentiating themselves from national brands with high-quality ingredients and a pulse on current trends such as organic, health/wellness, vegan, allergen-free and non-GMO.

The number of organic private label food brands is increasing exponentially, and customers are buying. The rise in the number of organic private label brands seems to be feeding it’s own momentum, increasing the sales and consumption of natural and organic food products overall.

A recent study by the Hartman Group showed that seven out of ten American consumers buy organic products “at least occasionally” and that purchases of organic private label products rose 20% within the last year.

According to National Business Journal estimates, natural/organic food and beverage sales grew 10.7% overall in 2015, reaching whopping $67.2 billion! This important trend for retail grocers is expected to continue through 2020 and beyond, when natural/organic food and beverage sales are expected to top one trillion dollars.

Clearly, American consumers are becoming much more discerning about what they eat. Increasingly, they are seeking out foods and beverages that are:

  • Organic
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • No GMO’s
  • Sustainably sourced/Minimal environmental footprint
  • Local

With consumer tastes evolving quickly, retail grocers need to be ahead of this important consumer trend.

Having all of the qualities customers are looking for now, Solana Gold Organics products resonate strongly with current market trends for retail grocers.


Create Customer Loyalty With Organic Private Label Branding

According to Rich Vitaro, a director at consulting firm AlixPartners, retail trends indicate that consumers continue to have less loyalty to a given store chain. It is the product brand that differentiates one store from another in shopper’s minds.

“You’re the only one that offers that particular brand,” Vitaro says, pointing to a 2015 study in which two-thirds of shoppers surveyed said they “sometimes or always” shop a specific store because of the brand.

Organic private label store brands can help to define your store image as a healthy, sustainably sourced food provider, tuned in to emerging cultural trends.

“Stores believe in their own brands today, and promote them and drive sales for them, as consumers have responded with confidence” says Private Label Manufacturers Association president Brian Sharoff.

Add your own organic store brand, and shoppers are likely to buy it, because they know they can trust your brand.


Solana Gold Organics Private Label

In numerous blind taste tests, chefs and consumers choose organic. It tastes better because many large commercial farms rush produce to market before it is ready, or breed varieties for criteria such as shelf longevity or skin color uniformity rather than taste and quality.

Since 1979, Solana Gold Organics customers have told us our products taste great. They call and gush. They write fan letters.

Customers who are looking for top-quality organic choices love us, because our products are produced in small batches, within hours of picking, to insure purity and best taste. We are dedicated to providing the very best organic apple juice, applesauce, and apple cider vinegar products, while maintaining the integrity of our planet’s environment and promoting organic agriculture.

Few locations on the planet have Sonoma County California’s ideal growing conditions. While the county is probably most famous for it’s wine grape crops, the climate is also ideal for apples. The acidic soil, a long, dry growing season and warm days and cool nights intensify flavor, create a pleasing crunchy texture, increase aromatic oil essences, and simplify organic production of our apple products.

Following the inspiration of Sonoma County’s determined orchard growers of a hundred years ago, we continue to produce quality organic products from old-fashioned apple varieties that we know will be top sellers for your stores.


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Stay ahead of this important retail grocery trend!