Solana Gold
Organic Apple Juice

Taste As Good As Gold!

Solana Gold Organics Apple Juice is squeezed from freshly harvested, whole, double-washed, ripe organic apples. Unsweetened, our apple juice is a real taste treat!

Sonoma County is famous for having the perfect growing climate for both grapes and apples. Our growing season runs April through November, allowing for a nice, long time for the growing and ripening of our apples. The season includes warm days and cool nights, with very little rainfall. Our climate combined with acidic soil results in a flavor intensity and aromatic oil essence that dramatically increases the quality of the apples. We have one of the few locations on earth that hosts such superior growing conditions.


Gravenstein Apple Juice

Created from Sebastopol’s own Gravenstein apples, this unfiltered organic pasteurized apple juice is a favorite of many of our customers. Squeezed from fresh, whole, ripe organic gravensteins. Especially delightful for those of you who prefer a less ‘sweet’ apple juice, this terrific tasting juice has a natural tart edge to it.

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Autumn Harvest Apple Juice

Created from Sebastopol’s own Red and Golden Delicious apples, flavors dance together to make this uniquely luscious juice. The heart-shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes striped with gold. Delicious apples are crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor. Yum!