Solana Gold
Organic Apple Sauce

How it’s made:

Our applesauce is fat free, made from freshly harvested, triple washed, ripe organic apples.

Producing applesauce at our USDA inspected plant, skins are mechanically peeled off with stainless steel cutters. This means that you only taste apples. (Many processors use a lye-bath dip to remove skins, which can leave remnants of lye taste in the applesauce.) The apples are closely inspected for defects and washed before and after peeling to insure purity before being cooked. Then steam cooking is done very quickly to maximize the tastiness and nutritional value of our sauce, and sealed in glass jars.

Enjoy some today!

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What makes the Gravenstein such a star?

Horticulturists say its triple chromosome has the strongest will to survive of any apple. Our Gravenstein trees, many 100 years old with 30 foot canopies, thrive in Sonoma County’s hot dry climate. We purposely don’t irrigate, because forcing the trees to seek moisture builds character, crunch and intensifies the aroma and flavor of the apples.Our giant Sebastopol Gravenstein trees have rewarded generations with world-renowned flavor since the 1880 plantings. These original trees, still healthy and in active production, tower with impressive gracefulness on our Appleseed Orchards hillsides. Many trunk circumferences are over 7 feet–a living tribute to the ambitious tasks performed by our hearty pioneer ancestors. Our century-old trees were planted at a time when horses provided the power and surviving off the land was an adventure; when flavor and character were important.

Following the inspiration of Sonoma County’s determined orchard growers of 100 years ago, Solana Gold Organics and Appleseed Orchards continue to produce old-fashioned apple varieties and top quality products that we know your family will love!