Solana Gold Organic
Apple Cider Vinegar

Solana Gold Apple Cider Vinegar
Contains the Veil of the Mother

  • Raw – Unfiltered
  • Organic with the Veil of the Mother
  • Aged for 3-years
  • Exceptionally smooth
  • Contains no preservatives
  • From 100% organic apples

The natural occurrence of amino acids and enzymes creates strand-like chains of connected protein molecules which are referred to as The Veil of the Mother.Solana Gold’s Apple Cider Vinegar maintains The Veil and combines the natural goodness of apples with the amino acids and enzymes which are naturally created in the fermentation process.

Pasteurization removes delicate nutrients and enzymes that may constitute a major portion of the nutritional value of a particular food. Solana Gold’s raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, unlike juices or ciders, contains no sugars which would be a growth medium for potentially harmful bacteria such as E-COLI. In addition to this, the high acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar assures that none of these bacteria could exist or propagate.

Cuisine Benefits

  • Keeps cheese from molding
  • Makes chocolate cakes fluffie
  • Perks up soups
  • Tenderizes meats
  • Revives wilted vegetables
  • Like salt, brings out robust flavors
  • Indispensable ingredient in salad dressings

Health Benefits

  • Rich in miracle enzymes & potassium
  • Helps promote a youthful body
  • Natural antibiotic & germ fighter
  • Soothes sunburn, shingles & bites
  • Helps eliminate itching scalp
  • Soothes tight, aching muscles & joints
  • Great for sore throats

Vinegar Bracer Recipe

START the day with a wake-up vinegar bracer!

1-2 tsp. of Solana Gold Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp. of Honey
8oz. water (Never hot. Heat de-activates enzymes)


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